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The Brands

Classic Black Tea
Our take on tradition goes beyond organic growth. Entwined with a touch of honey, this full bodied tea has a sweet aftertaste. Deeper into its character, our black tea is enriched with antioxidants making it an elixir of youth.
Winter leaves and spring arrives with slight showers and warmth that ushers new beginning. New buds grow & tender new leaves unfurl – the tea made from these young leaves has an exquisite aroma. This is the world renowned first flush tea for the first time in Bangladesh.
The orthodox technique of preparing black tea is slow, and still lives strong within true tea connoisseurs who appreciate the flavor, reminiscent of a more classic era. The method entails rolling up whole leaves and buds which give the ultimate tea experience.
  Tulsi Tea  
Infused with organically grown Tulsi leaves, this tea is a spicy blend of the black. Apart from the rejuvenating antioxidants, Tulsi tea can be the perfect relief from a bad cold by its adaptogenic properties.
Green Goodness  
  Green Tea  
Grown organically, our green tea is blessed by Mother Nature with a flavor, very earthy and light, that will refresh you and make your aura bright. This allegorical fountain of youth is rich in antioxidants that help in weight reduction and cancer prevention.
  Jasmine Green Tea  
With all the goodness of green tea, Jasmine green tea has a soothing aroma that comes from organically grown Jasmine flowers. The therapeutic aroma makes this drink as amazing stress reliever.
Orthodox is a pristine way of making tea, still followed by the best gardens of the world. Gentle and slow, the process captures the essence of a bygone era, and enhances the amazing healthy properties of green tea. Whole tea leaves and buds are traditionally rolled to produce a cup of Kazi & Kazi Orthodox Green Tea. It evokes the Chinese brew of antiquity, with a sweetish after-taste and grassy undertones. Rejuvenate yourself daily with the ultimate expericnce of Orthodox Green Tea.
Herbal Infusion  
  Ginger Tea  
The warm spiciness of organically grown Ginger adds a piquant flavor to the sweet overtones of black tea. Ginger tea taps into the body’s internal energy and helps regain its balance making it a natural remedy to colds or upset stomachs.
Combo Box
  Medley Tea  

For those who like to bring variation in their tea drinking rituals, KKTE offers them an assorted box with all 4 flavors in their full splendor.

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