Organic Outreach

Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate is the pioneer of organic tea plantations in Bangladesh. We are also a composite garden, having dairy, herbal plantation, pesticide materials, and other agricultural products such as rice, wheat, corn, oilseed, fruits, vegetables, and honey organically grown.

Organic Farming Awareness
We invite neighboring villagers, influential persons, teachers, and professionals to our garden to teach them about organic farming. We instruct them in bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides, their advantages and disadvantages over chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and long-term social and economical effects for ourselves as well as for the nation.

Shade & Herbal Tree Distribution
Medicinal plants such as Neem, Nisinda, and many other species are required in our everyday life and have an immeasurable impact on our health. We distribute medicinal herbs to the neighboring villages free of cost.

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